Next Giga Connect Latin America


Ricardo Del Río Guerrero

Infrastructure Wholesale & Value Added Services Director

Altán Redes

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Arturo Cáceres

Gerente Desarrollo de Negocios Megacable Data Center


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Arturo Bravo Wheeler

Country Manager México


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Sergio Saidman

Director General

ABIX Telecom

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Guillermo Santos

Country Manager

AXESS Networks México

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Francisco A. Lara C.

Especialista de Innovación Tecnológica


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Fernanda Leal Pérez

Operations and Maintenance Manager


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Alejandro Cantú

COO & Co-founder

Layer 9 Data Centers

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Héctor Olivera

Director de Marketing y Transformación Digital

Grupo Construlita

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Carlos Carranza

VP of Operations


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Our Research Highlights

5G advances in Latam at the price of an impoverished ARPU

The development of 5G in Latin America is still in its infancy. In 2023, the technology represented around 6% of the total number of mobile lines in service and although it had been developed in 12 countries, 95% of customers were distributed among only four: Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru. The deployment times of the technology are at least one year behind those of 4G and the development context is also very different: the current ARPU is 43% lower than a decade ago. Although it has a slow start, the technology will consolidate from 2024 and is expected to be dominant from 2028.

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Strong progression of fiber homes passed in Latin America, but low level of actual connections

Optical Fiber is already widely deployed across Latin America. Dataxis analyzes that in 2023 fiber covers 231 million homes in the region, representing a penetration of 139%. Due to overlapping layouts in major urban centers, there was more fiber than homes and much of these connections will not be occupied. Excluding overlaps, 76.5% of households are covered by that optical footprint, representing a significant increase since 2019. The industry had invested around $41.9 billion, between network deployment and customer connection to the lines.

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